Sunny Gonzalez

Sunny Gonzalez

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Web Development | Marketing

Sunny loves her work as a web developer and is also a certified personal trainer, fitness and wellness coach, and nutrition nerd. Her own journey into fitness began in 2005 when she got off the couch and began caring for body, dropping 65 pounds of fat and heartache. She began her formal training in the area of wellness in order to spread the new-found freedom and confidence she discovered through fitness.

She enjoys making Lifestyles shine online and in print. In the training field, she specializes in the area weight loss and metabolic training, helping clients meet their individual goals. She’s an avid (but amazingly slow) runner, drinks green smoothies like they’re going out of style, and touts weight lifting as a girl’s best friend. At Lifestyles, Sunny enjoys telephone nutrition and fitness consulting, handling marketing promotions, and developing our website and social media presence. When she resided in NC, she spend much of her time leading small group training, and teaching Xtreme group fitness classes, boot camps, and weight loss challenge classes. She also loves working one-on-one with personal training clients, helping them renew their inner and outer selves. When she’s not working out, you can find her hangin' with her kids, working with her Sunfire Creatives clients, or jogging down the road with friends. Catch her on Facebook or at contact her at

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