Annamaria Bowman

Annamaria Bowman

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Annamaria Bowman is one of the new Massage Therapists at Lifestyle Wellness and Spa. She is Hungarian, originally from Europe. As a child, she wanted to be a doctor to heal and to stop pain and suffering. She was 10 years old when an almost fatal accident put her in unconsciousness for many weeks. That was the turning point when she realized her mother's faith in God and her mother's touch saved her life. This close to death experience changed her.

She has been doing Massage Therapy for more than 17 years now. Working with thousands of clients has been a rewarding and challenging experience. Her job is her passion, her devotion, and her life. She considers a blessing to be part of the Lifestyle family and hopes that her knowledge, experience, and touch will change many lives.

Annamaria moved to NC in 2009 and made this slice of paradise home. As the owner of her Chicken Rescue and Sanctuary, she loves being around the feathery residents. She adopted a vegan lifestyle since 2012 and promotes healthy eating. Many outdoor activities are on her agenda, including swimming, camping, hiking, kayaking, walking, picnics, and badminton. She likes to dance, working out, yoga, cooking/baking, traveling. Having a masters degree in Civil Engineering, she is fascinated by architecture and intrigued by art. She lives by the Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction, believes in God, try to help the less fortunate, and pays it forward when the opportunity presents itself. And she enjoys the single life.

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