Open Forum on School Vouchers and Parent Choice in Education

Feb 4th


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*North Carolina provides VOUCHERS for students in K-12th grade to attend private schools

If you would like more information, please attend this Educational Forum.


WHERE: Carolina Event & Conference Center (Hospice) 374 Hudlow Rd, Forest City NC 28043

WHEN: Tuesday, February 9th at 6:30 pm

PURPOSE: To discuss and explain the two vouchers offered by the state of North Carolina to students in K-12th grades. (The Opportunity Scholarship & The Special Needs Scholarship)

·        This educational forum will explain the Opportunity Scholarships and the Special Needs Scholarships that are available for students in K-12th grade to pay for their tuition to attend private schools


·        The application process for these vouchers will be explained in detailed


·        The rights of parents and School Choice will be explained


·        The rights of parents with Special Needs children and School Choice will be explained


·        Educational Choice for ALL students will be discussed and information given to parents about opportunities and options that are available in Rutherford County.


*The VOUCHER APPLICATION DEADLINE for the 2016-2017 school year is MARCH 1, 2016.

Liberty Christian Academy is hosting this event.

For more information you may call  828-229-3172


*Representative Mike Hager is scheduled to attend.

*Trinity Christian School & Liberty Christian Academy will have representatives present

*Anne Johnston, Western Regional Director of The Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center

*Special Needs Advocates will be available

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