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Aug 21st


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Sweat, adrenaline, tears, and mud. Ahhh, sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? If you’ve been thinking about trying a mud run but have no clue how to start, you’ve come to the right place. Every Monday at 6:20 we have a fun, blood-pumping, 45-minute mud run training class that promises to make you one tough mud runner. 

First a little bit of motivation:

Benefits of Mud Run Training

There are numerous benefits are mud run training, both physical and psychological. You’ll be leaner, stronger, and fitter – and win bragging rights.

• You burn a ton of calories. 

• You increase your strength, power, and speed.

• It sends your fitness level into the stratosphere.

• It builds your confidence and fortitude. If you can complete a mud run, there’s little you can’t do.

• It’s fun. Seriously. Like really, really fun.


Mud run trainingTry Our Mud Run Training Class

You are welcomed to come try out our mud run class, taught by Shawna, anytime. You don’t even have to be a member. (For members the call is free. For non-members, it’s $5.) You’ll love it. Shawna is an excellent instructor and really gets you motivated. All fitness levels are welcome and you don’t have to train for any specific race; you can just enjoy the training and reap the benefits. Here’s what Shawna has to say:

"We do a lot of work on upper body strength since those muscles are used so much in mud runs. I use traditional upper body exercises as well as some unique exercises to work on strengthening those muscle groups. We also do various workouts for speed and agility. We have a great group and the participants get close and really support each other's accomplishments. All regular class participants say it is really tough but they love it. It isn't like any other class. Overall, if I had to sum it up, the class provides stress relief, a fun factor, and increases endurance and athletic performance."

So come by on Monday and train with us! Have questions? Give us a call: 828-248-2947.

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